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Here's what some of our customers say...

Here's what some of our happy clients have to say about First Image and our earth-friendly commercial cleaning services:

"...Raymond and his team have been taking care of all my cleaning needs for the past 18 months. Before First Image, I was going though cleaning companies every six months. The team is first class and they do a great job, paying attention to details that kept getting missed by previous companies..."

John S. - Alpharetta, GA

"...I love the fact that First Image has been exclusively green from the beginning. Other companies are always trying to earn my business, telling me that they have added a green component, and then they want to charg me extra for it, whereas First Image's prices are competitive and their work is worth every penny..."

Fredrick R. - Smyrna, GA

"...First Image is very detail-oriented with what they do, and details are very important for the success of my business... all the way from management, task execution and yes, the cleanliness of the facility and how it is done..."

Kevin C. - Chamblee, GA