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Go Green: Cleaning Options Make It Easy!

Updated: May 12, 2020

If you want to go green, First Image will tailor a green cleaning program for your specific needs, making the process stress-free.

Start Simple Replacing traditional cleaning chemicals is an easy way to start the transition to going green. This will make your surroundings healthier without increasing costs. First Image only uses private label Green Seal certified or environmentally preferable products. We only employ chemicals proven to clean effectively, while gentle to people and the environment. Additionally, our green cleaning methods include the use of concentrated formulas and proper onsite dilution. Concentrated chemicals come in smaller containers for less waste with lower shipping costs, using less fuel.

Green Equipment and Supplies

You can also go green with cleaning supplies and tools. Microfiber dusting cloths and flat mops outperform traditional materials and can often be used to remove soils without the need for chemical compounds. Instead of just moving things around, Microfiber captures and removes pollutants. This miracle of technology can be laundered and reused, minimizing waste and saving you money.

To enhance your green program, First Image recommends paper products (i.e., paper towels, tissue) that are bleached without the use of chlorine or its derivatives and meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards for recycled content. We also have paper-saving dispensers available.

Don't forget your carpets!

Environmentally friendly carpet cleaning means longer carpet life. First Image recommends “Green Label” vacuum cleaners approved by the Carpet & Rug Institute. These highly efficient, pollutant-capturing vacuums improve indoor air quality and increase the life span of carpets. Another environmentally friendly carpet cleaning option includes the use of carpet extractors that reduce water consumption.

Whatever options you choose from the many we offer, partnering with First Image Green Building Maintenance is the earth-friendly way to take care of your facility and its occupants.

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