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Why Use Green Cleaning Solutions?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Green cleaning solutions are better for the environment and better for your wallet, too!

Did you know? The need for green cleaning solutions makes sense when you consider that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors and exposure to pollution can be up to 100 times greater inside than out. Companies going green can positively impact the annual maintenance of buildings where we work and live, which now requires:

  • 5 Billion lbs. of cleaning and coating chemicals

  • 4.5 Billion lbs. of janitorial paper products (or 50 Million trees)

  • 36 Billion plastic trash can liners

  • 20 Million vacuum cleaners

Implementing green cleaning solutions supports other green activities that help reduce the large amounts of energy and water that buildings consume. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, buildings in this country account for:

  • 72% of electricity consumption

  • 39% of energy use

  • 38% of greenhouse gas emissions

  • 40% of raw materials use

  • 30% of waste output (136 million tons annually)

  • 14% of potable water consumption

Corporations going green help decrease atmospheric emission from the use of energy, thereby reducing acid rain, ground-level ozone, smog and global climate change. 

Companies Going Green Can Reap Benefits

Economic Benefits

  • Improved bottom line

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Optimized life-cycle economic performance

  • Increased building valuation and ROI

  • Decreased vacancy, improved retention

  • Reduced liability

Health & Productivity Benefits

  • Enhanced occupant comfort and health

  • Improved employee performance and productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism and turnover

Community Benefits

  • Reduced natural resource consumption

  • Minimized strain on local infrastructures and improved quality of life

  • Public recognition for environmental stewardship

Green cleaning solutions can help companies going green become certified through the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

Below are some cleaning principles that guide First Image when implementing effective green cleaning solutions that are USGBC and LEED endorsed methods.

  • First Image looks at your facility holistically. All areas are interconnected through building automation, HVAC systems and even foot traffic.

  • We go beyond appearances. Dirt, pollutants and allergens are not readily seen, but can drastically affect indoor air quality (IAQ). Green cleaning solutions are gentle, but just as effective as traditional approaches.

  • We engage methods proven to reduce pollutants. Pollutants can be dirt, germs, pesti­cides, chemicals or dust. Capture pollutants and remove them, don’t just move them around. Most pollutants enter from the outside, so focus on proper entryway matting as a preventative measure.

  • First Image promotes safety. We use green chemicals and always ensure the proper use and storage of chemicals and equipment. At every step, we aim to enhance air quality and keep environmental toxicity to a minimum.

  • Educate and Communicate – Companies going green should inform employees, building occupants and stakeholders of program goals. Let them know how they can contribute to a cleaner, safer facility by minimizing residue and waste.

For companies going green, First Image is ready to help you start small or big. Let us customize green cleaning solutions to meet your goals today.

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